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Personalization with you in mind

The customized programs at Berlitz make learning a success

One of the key aspects of Berlitz’s successful approach is its ability to design a program with your specific needs in mind. Such customized programs ensure that the content of the course is precisely what you require to achieve the goals you have set for your employees and your company. Even within your company the goals may be different for groups or individuals from various departments. And Berlitz also takes that into account. It is precisely this dedication to detail that makes Berlitz to a perfect partner for obtaining the results you want.

Customized Training Solutions

Berlitz Group Courses

These courses are designed for small to medium-sized groups. Berlitz develops a sequence of course materials tailored to the groups specific language and topic requirements and works with the participants to ensure the lessons fit into their work schedules.

Berlitz Individual Instraction

Berlitz also offers one-on-one lessons in which a single person gets all the focus and attention they need to learn the skills taught in the course. Given the extra attention, these individual instruction courses see quick, effective, and lasting results.

Industry – Specific And In – House Materials

Berlitz has great material from a variety of industries, so your employees are guaranteed to learn precisely the knowledge they need to make them better within their particular field. What’s more, Berlitz can also incorporate your in-house materials into the course material, further tailoring the course to your specific needs.

Berlitz specialists collaborate closely with your decision-makers while determining what to include in the course material your employees will use. Every step of the way, Berlitz puts its primary focus on your wishes, giving you the tools you need to see your company maintain its standing and pursue even greater successes.

All you have to do is to take the first step and get in touch with a Berlitz representative. Contact your local Berlitz center at any time to get more information about course content and booking a course for your staff members.