ÖSD – so German is no longer a “foreign” language

German skills for residence, citizenship, job and study purposes

ÖSD, the Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch, is an officially recognized language diploma that permits studies or residence in Austria.

The rigorous testing system for German as a foreign or second language is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) and is offered at nine levels of difficulty. From A1 basic German to C1 higher level or C2 Business German, the ÖSD adapts to your skills perfectly. The test, which takes approximately 2.5 hours, is conducted in more than 150 countries and 900 examination centers.

Your benefits with an ÖSD test at Berlitz

  • Individual preparation for the examination with private instruction
  • The four exam skills – listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking – are trained specifically
  • Your Berlitz coach is well-informed about the examination requirements
  • You can start your preparation anytime by appointment

The ÖSD certificate is a prerequisite for …

  • Acquiring a residence permit (A1, family reunification)
  • Fulfilling the Integration Agreement (A2 / B1)
  • Obtaining Austrian citizenship (B1)
  • Additional qualification for the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) and vocational institutions
  • Access to Austrian universities (B2, C1 or C2)

What is the next step?

Stop by for a free consultation and assessment at the Berlitz Center. We analyze your skills and goals together with you and inform you about how best to prepare for the exam. Make an appointment right here.